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What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.


The curriculum refers to all those learning experiences, which the school provides for your child. Our aim is to offer each child a broad and balanced curriculum including Literacy, Numeracy, The World Around Us, The Arts and P.E. Throughout the school, pupils are organised in mixed ability class groupings according to their age. When planning the curriculum, we take into account the uniqueness of each child and his/her own personal needs.

 In addition, we develop the following educational themes:

(a)          Information and Communication Technology

(b)          Thinking Skills

(c)           PDMU


As a Catholic school, we place an emphasis on our Religious Education. Through the Grow In Love programme, your child will acquire a set of values and attitudes which are rooted in the Gospel. As Catholic teachers, we are committed to living these Gospel values in our own lives. Your child will develop both from the ethos created within the school and the formal, taught curriculum.