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Practical and Oral Rhyming Games

Oral Rhyming Games


  • Nonsense Word Fun – Nothing seems more silly than making up words! Little ones LOVE when adults use nonsense words to make rhymes – it’s so fun and silly! Invite your child to play a game. Say, “Let’s see how many words I can rhyme with ball! If you hear a silly nonsense word, say THAT’S SILLY! Here we go! Small, tall, fall, galllall, wall, mall, zall, etc.” Invite your child to brainstorm silly nonsense words to practise with too!


  • Rhyming I Spy Invite your child to look around the room and find an object that rhymes with wall, or clock, or door, or light!


  • Rhyming Quick Draw – Draw one quick pictrure on paper for your child to see. For example, you could draw a cat. Then invite your child to guess what rhyme you will draw next. Mat, bat or rat? This game encourages children to continue brainstorming rhyming words!